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I have a lot of motivations to study. For example, I want to have foreign friends, work in Canada, talk to beautiful teachers and pretty students and so on. However, the best motivation for me is to talk with people in slum areas because I want to know their values.


I travelled to some countries three years ago. Naturally, I talked with Japanese because I couldn’t speak in English. Sometimes, I communicated through writing to foreigners who were at the guest house where I stayed. But since they were travellers, they had similar values. I want to meet others, talk to them, and broaden my horizons. I want to go to the slums of India first as soon as I speak in English well. I would like to live with them for several days if it is possible and safe. At first when I see poor people and beggars, I thought the being near them is dangerous. I felt like they were wild dogs. I would like to change this view and way of thinking by speaking and living with them. It may be strange, but I will continue studying English to change my way of thinking and perspective because in this world we live in, there is so much to learn and discover.

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