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Almost three months have passed since I came to Baguio. Gradually, I got used to the new lifestyle and I could afford to enjoy any leisure to my heart’s content. The other day, I noticed an astonishing fact. It is that Baguio is absolutely an enjoyable and a beautiful place beyond description. Now, I’m highly absorbed in Baguio, so I’d like to show why I am in Baguio. There are three factors how Baguio greatly gratifies me. These are nature, knowledge, and climate.

To begin with, it is impossible to ignore the spectacular nature when I mention Baguio. It goes without saying that Baguio City is situated on a mountain. In other words, it is surrounded by massive nature. Accordingly, those who are in Baguio can easily appreciate the great nature and approach it, and of course, I’m not an exception. Whenever and wherever I am in this city, I perceive the magnificent nature and clear atmosphere. So to speak, it is as if the nature greatly embraces me. It always contributes profound relaxation to me, and subsequently makes me free d\from all chains and banes. That is why I adore Baguio’s picturesque nature.

Next is about knowledge. Here in Baguio, we can enjoy not only amusements, but also intellectual activities. In Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, for example, we can follow the long history of the Earth while walking through its promenade. To put it another way, it simultaneously gives us knowledge and exercise. In addition, speaking of knowledge, some universities are located here in Baguio such as Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, and University of the Cordilleras. Furthermore, there are some educational institutions like Monol. It can be sad the Baguio is filled with knowledge and such surroundings are quite helpful for all people, especially for us learners. Plato, a Greek philosopher once said, “Knowledge is the food of the soul.” Considering this quote, Baguio residents’ souls may be healthy and wealthy. I think that’s one of the pretty good points of Baguio.

When it comes to Baguio, it has comfortable climate. The average temperature is around 20 degrees, so normally, we don’t have to worry about it. Therefore, we can easily focus on studying. Moreover, as it is known, it rains heavily almost every day during the rainy season. No doubt, sometimes it can prevent you from going out and make you gloomy; however, it drives me to study harder. Thus for me, Baguio’s climate is more comfortable than any other cities’, so I’m fond of Baguio’s climate.

I’ve shown three reasons why I love Baguio which is amazing nature, abundant knowledge, and comfortable climate. From what has been mentioned above, you can also notice how wonderful Baguio is. Aside from these factors, there are countless good points about Baguio. Therefore, I must love this city more and more every time I find new fascinations. In any case, I can’t get enough of Baguio!

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