What Motivates Me to Study
Student Tomo
Ess Elem 2

I have some motivations. My job is massage therapist in Tokyo. I sometimes do it for guests mostly foreigners. I want to communicate with the guests for example, I would like to ask them “What part of your body feels tired?”, “Which do you like, soft or hard massage?”. “How do you feel?” etc; but I can’t understand English.

I think I should study English. I can give better service if I can speak in English. Moreover, I want to have world class massage skill. To do that, I need English skills because if I study the skills and take a test, it will all be in English. I guess my English skill is at minimum.

Also, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020. I guess more foreigners will visit Japan and we’ll be needing English skill more than ever. Those reasons are my motivations.


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