My Closest Friend in Monol
Piyu – F. Adv.


Even though Monol has a lot of students from other countries, you can easily find a friend because everyone is cordial. There is someone who really caught my attention. She is also Taiwanese like me. I met her when we were classmates during the first month. She took care of me and treated me as a sister. We were only together for a short period of time, but we seem so close. July 6 was her birthday and we wanted to surprise her. In the morning, we went to buy a cake and a birthday card. In the afternoon, we hid in the classroom. When she came in, we cheered loudly, “Happy Birthday!” She was so happy that she cried. I was happy to be part of her special day. I feel that I still have a lot to know about her. For now, I’ll cherish every minute with her. She is my closest friend in Monol. She is Mia.

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